Corporate Branding and Personal Branding are invest­ments
in your future success. We’ll work together to create your
original brand identity and to manage it on a daily basis.

Beate Schuck Branding & Kommu­ni­kation. München.


Your Brand Is Your Identity.
Your Identity Is Your Success.

Your brand is your identity.
Your identity is your success.

Beate Schuck Branding & Kommunikation. Munich.

Corporate Branding and Personal Branding are invest­ments in in your future success. We’ll work together to create your original brand identity and to manage it on a daily basis.

Corporate Branding

A well thought out brand approach is vital to success­fully achieving your business goals. High visibility is our target.

What does a strong Brand Profile offer you?

Unique Positioning

I will direct and guide you to better diffe­ren­tiate your business from your compe­titors. Your potential, future clients, as well as employees, will recognize an energetic and outstanding brand.

Power of Attraction

An authentic, capti­vating brand concept is key for attracting clients and employees. The right branding will solidify a loyal customer base, as well as retain your most valued employees.


A clear brand concept is the blueprint to effective commu­ni­cation. When you really know your business, you’re better able to target your commu­ni­cation strategy in order to reach potential clients.

Creative branding is the best adver­tising – your customers will spread the word.“

Create a positive impact!

Is your marketing successful? Are you planning a relaunch or stuck in a generation gap? Just starting out in business?

Let’s talk!

Brand Development and Commu­ni­cation Skills for small- to medium-sized companies are my specialties.

Personal Branding

Under­standing your perso­nality as a brand will provide you with clarity, confi­dence and focus. It also ensures that you create a positive perception which will lead to career advan­cement oppor­tu­nities.

Why Personal Branding?

Unique Positioning

We will work together to identify your individual strengths, and to use them to highlight your USP, which is critical in today’s social media world.


A well thought out brand profile positions your strengths, skills and values in the best possible light. Personal, authentic positioning will make you attractive to the best companies.


When you know what you want and what drives you, the faster you reach your goals, and minimize wasted time and energy.

Decision making is easy when you know your worth.”

Pursue your goals with more Gusto!

Are you currently in a leadership position but not moving forward? Deciding to embark on a new career? Starting your own business that has a very personal connection to you? Personal Branding is a valuable tool towards success.

Contact me.

My expertise is to coach you in order to better position yourself for your next career move.


Price compe­tition increa­singly becomes a value contest.”

Corporate Branding
  • Target Market and Compe­titive Analysis
  • Position
  • Brand Profile
  • Corporate Story
  • Marketing and Commu­ni­cation Strategy
  • Commu­ni­cation Planning and Imple­men­tation
  • Consistent Brand Design
Personal Branding
  • Integrated SWOT Analysis
  • USP
  • Mission Statement
  • Personal Profile and Story
  • Personal Appearance
  • Commu­ni­cation Planning and Imple­men­tation (Focal Point — Social Media)
Brand Journey

We’ll work together to define your goals and values to better position you in the market and be acces­sible to better oppor­tu­nities.

Your Steps to Success

  • Consultation

    Initial “Free Consul­tation” (approx. 30 minutes).


    Current Situation vs. Desired Situation — Market Potential — Goal Setting.


    Your Vision and Mission / Your Brand / Your Identity.

  • Illustration

    Core Compe­tencies + Indivi­duality + Values + Goals = Your Profile.


    Create a strategy for your brand: mindset, marketing, commu­ni­cation and visual presence.


    Your new brand will be imple­mented: internally, and externally to the public.

Additional Services

I offer Workshops, Coaching and Training for Managers and Team Members.
I to work inhouse and assume Interim Management respon­si­bi­lities for Marketing and Commu­ni­cation in transition phase change processes.

About me

My passion is to help indivi­duals and companies realize their potential as a brand; explore new oppor­tu­nities; and commu­nicate more confi­dently and effec­tively. Intuition, change process, awareness and 25years experience in marketing and commu­ni­cation are wholly integrated into my consul­tative offerings.

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”


DAA Deutsche Angestell­ten­aka­demie

Instruc­tress and Business Coach (Brand You / presenting yourself success­fully)

ComScore Movies

Brand-Communication for Filmmesse Köln 2018 / Filmkunsttage Leipzig 2018

Hotel Schwarzes Ross

Website Facelift (design + structure), copy text German/English, booking platform adaptions


Brand positioning, market segmen­tation, target group diffe­ren­tiation, marketing planning

Hospi­tality Trade

Brand positioning, market segmen­tation, target group diffe­ren­tiation, marketing and commu­ni­ca­tions strategy, corporate story

Alphabet Inter­na­tional (A BMW Group Company)

Developed the marketing department, inter­na­tional brand relaunch, change-communication, brand positioning, integrated marketing- and commu­ni­cation strategy, product campaigns, events, spokes­person to the trade press


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